Problem addition service

This service is for new members who want to have more puzzles to solve. In this way you can increase the number of problems available to you. If the number in the "Total" column of your "Collection of problems" table is larger than the number in the "Playable" column you will be able to add new puzzles.

As a new member you have access to problems published one month before the day you became a member of To access problems released before that, you need to pay for the access. You can only make this payment via PayPal. In this manner you can get access to problems for up to the previous 180 days (six months). Problems posted prior to 180 days are routinely removed from the problems that are available to you.



Your "Date of admission" is in the email you received when you initially subscribed to That email has the title/subject "Welcome to!"

From application to the change is made

1) Submit your application with the application form below

Application form
Your nickname Required

Input the nickname indicated like "xxxxx's my page." at the members home.

The email address you have registered with Required
The email address you have registered with PayPal Required will request money to this email address.

Subscription Number of your PayPal account

Input the number in the email sent to you by PayPal, it begins with "S-".


Maximum length, 500 characters.

2) Payment using PayPal will confirm your "Date of admission" and request your payment through PayPal. After you receive the message requesting payment, please pay the amount we request.

Please don't pay before you receive "the request money" information.

3) Information from about the completion of the change in setting

An email confirming the completion of the change in setting will be sent about 2 - 3 days after the payment is made. Please confirm that the number of problems that you are now able to play in the "problem list" of the member page has increased.