4th round of "Flush" - the word game

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We will announce the ranking of the game on Mon. Mar 4th.

This is a simple and easy game. You just guess and write down the phrases that the most people will imagine. Please remember that what pops into your head maybe occurs to nobody else. Your may end up all alone with unique phrases.

Please register to take part in the game with the entry form at the bottom of this page.

Rules for the word game "Flush".

Please answer the question below with four phrases that popped into your head. The number of players who write us the same phrase becomes the points you get for a phrase. The sum of the points for your four phrases becomes your score. The player with the highest score becomes the winner.

We will consider capital and small letters the same, but singulars and plurals, spaces, or other little differences are judged as different. So "Blue bird" and "blue bird" are the same, but "Blue bird," "Blue birds," and "Bluebird" are all different.

Please refer the results of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Flush Game, if you would like to know how to win the game.

Entry deadline

Mon. Mar 4, 3:00(UTC)

Result announcement

Thu. Mar 14,

We will announce the ranking of all participants, by nickname. We will also announce the countries where the prizewinners come from and some of the comments we receive.


Duplicate entries from the same email or IP address are invalid. Only the last entry from an address will be considered valid for that person.


The winner will receive an original Nikoli T-shirt. If there is more than one winner we will draw lots among them, and the first drawn gets the original Nikoli T-shirt. All other winners will get a copy of Penpa 2013 by Nikoli.

Original T-shirt

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