nikoli original - The 3rd Minority Decides Game

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We will announce the ranking of the game on Wed. Jan 21st.

This is a nikoli original easygoing party game. To take part you choose "yes" or "no" for the questions below. If your answer is the same as the minority of players, you survive and go on to the next round. So this game is a litmus test for your sense of what is normal (and sticking with the underdog!). But, as you know, nikoli dislikes tests, examinations, and anything that smells of horoscopes. Yes, we have added one more rule: YOU DON'T NEED TO ANSWER HONESTLY.

If, for example, the question is: " I like dogs better than cats." You may answer "no," even if really you like dogs better than cats. This is a game where you get ahead by guessing the minority opinion.

Please refer the results of the 1st and the 2nd Minority Decides Game, if you would like to know how to win the game.

Don't get depressed if you lose in this game, it only shows that you think like the majority.

And don't be too proud if you win - just because you are a little bit special.

Please register to take part in the game with the entry form at the bottom of this page.

We will be very happy and not mind it a bit if you use this game at a home party.

Rules of The Game of Minority Decision

Please answer all the yes/no questions below. If you answer question 1 with the minority you will survive and advance to question 2. So the people in the majority will drop out and the minorities are the winners.

Next we count the answers to question 2 for the surviving players (the minority from question 1), and the minority survives again.

If there is an even number of "yes" and "no" answers all remaining players survive the question. And so on, till the last question. In this manner the most ECCENTRIC person will become the winner of the game!

Entry deadline

Tue. Jan 13, 15:00(UTC)

Result announcement

Wed. Jan 21,

We will announce the ranking of all participants, by nickname. We will also announce the countries where the prizewinners come from and some of the comments we receive.


Duplicate entries from the same email or IP address are invalid. Only the last entry from an address will be considered valid for that person.


The most eccentric person (the winner) will receive an original Nikoli T-shirt. If two persons survive the game, both will be declared winners and receive a T-shirt. When three or more persons survive to the end, we will choose the winner by lottery, sorry.

Original T-shirt

Prize of The Game of Minority Decision