Yajilin: How to play using Flash

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Start window of Yajilin

This shows the screen when you start a problem. The bottom-right timer starts when you open the problem.

This is the solving mode so you can start right away.

Generally use the left mouse button. Using the keyboard with the mouse to enter dots.

Change line width

Change the line width of the game grid here.

Paint setting

Put a check mark in the "Paint" button and the color of the cells you drag across will change to light blue.

Your settings for these buttons will be saved to preserve your playing environment.

On some computer systems the settings may not be saved.

Zoom function

You can enlarge and move the game board with these buttons.

Play using the mouse

In Yajilin you only use the left mouse button, but you need to click and drag to paint cells and draw lines. This may seem strange at first but when you get used to it, it will feel quite comfortable.


Clicking with the left mouse button paints a cell black. You may click on both empty cells and cells with already drawn lines to paint a cell black.

Clicking on a black cell, the coloring disappears and the cell returns to empty.

Drawing lines

You draw lines by dragging across cells (from cell to cell).

You can make turns without releasing the mouse button.

Deleting lines

When you drag across lines already there the lines are deleted.

Clear button

When you want to start a puzzle again click the "Clear" button. The timer does not return to zero though. To reset the timer you have to close the problem and open it again.

The members page counts the number of times you open a puzzle.

Undo button

When you want to redo a step, click the "Undo" button. By clicking this button repeatedly you can return to the start.

Check button

After solving a problem, click the "Check" button. If your solution is correct the screen will say "Congratulations." If your solution is not correct it will indicate a point that is not correct, click the "Continue" button to continue to solve this puzzle.

Using the keyboard with the mouse

Shift + Drug

When you click the left button of the mouse pressing the "Shift key," you will put a "dot".

Clicking on a "dot", the "dot" disappears and the cell returns to empty. When you draw lines across cells with dots, the dots will also disappear.

Click on an empty cell pressing the "Shift key and drag, and you will put "dots" in the cells you drag across.

How to use Try-mode

Check button

When you want to draw a line temporarily thinking about the next step, use Try-mode. Click the "Try" button and the screen changes to Try-mode.

With the Try-mode, you can solve problems just like in the regular solving-mode. Your first action is indicated as brown and the following yellow.

Cancel trying button

Click the "Delete" button in Try-mode, if you want to delete your trial actions. All your trial actions disappear and the point of your first action is indicated by a yellow blinking dot.

Fix trying button

Click the "Fix" button in Try-mode if you want to set (make permanent) your trial actions. The color of all your trial actions are changed to black and you return to the solving-mode.