First round of "Straight Flush" - the word game

Entry to The Straight Flush was closed. We will announce the ranking of the game on Wed. Apr 13th.

We imagine that people who have visited before know about the word game "Flush." In "Flush" you answer a set question with four phrases that popped into your head. Please check the past results of the "Flush" game to see more details of the game.

Now we are holding a "Straight Flush" game, an updated "Flush game". "Straight Flush" is almost the same as "Flush": write down the five (the number of phrases has increased from four) phrases that popped into your head. And now the order of the five phrases is very important.

When you change the order of the phrases, the score for the phrases also changes. You can win the game with no strategy, by imagination. But it is also good to consider which phrase comes first and how the other phrases follow behind.

However you do, please register from the entry form at the bottom of this page.

Rules for the word game "Straight Flush".

  • Please answer the question below with five phrases that popped into your head.
  • The number of players who use the same phrase becomes the points you get for a phrase.
  • The score for Answer 1 is 20 times its points.
  • The score for Answer 2 is 16 times its points.
  • The score for Answer 3 is 13 times its points.
  • The score for Answer 4 is 11 times its points.
  • The score for Answer 5 is 10 times its points.
  • The sum of the scores for your five phrases becomes your total score. The player with the highest total score becomes the winner.

For example, a phrase with 10 points will get a 200 score when you enter the phrase as Answer 1. Its score will be 130 when it is Answer 3. It is a good idea to write a phrase that will get a high point in the lower numbered answer column.

We will consider capital and small letters the same, but but singular and plural forms, spaces, or other little differences are judged as different. So "Blue bird" and "blue bird" are the same, but "Blue bird," "Blue birds," and "Bluebird" are all different.

Entry deadline

Tue. Apr 5, 15:00(UTC)

Result announcement

Wed. Apr 13,

We will announce the ranking of all participants, by nickname. We will also announce the countries where the prizewinners come from and some of the comments we receive.


Duplicated entries from the same email or IP address are invalid. Only the last entry from one address will be considered the valid entry for that person.


The winner will receive an original Nikoli T-shirt. If there is more than one winner we will draw lots among them, and the first drawn gets the original Nikoli T-shirt. All other winners will get a Nikoli original card game Camissimo.

Original T-shirt original t-shirtNikoli original game Camissimo

Entry form

Acceptable letters and characters:

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Answers Required
  • Answer 1 score = point of phrase x 20
  • Answer 2 score = point of phrase x 16
  • Answer 3 score = point of phrase x 13
  • Answer 4 score = point of phrase x 11
  • Answer 5 score = point of phrase x 10
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